prideART Berlin Team

The prideART Berlin management team is made up of local and international artists living and working in Berlin.

The prideART studio in Wiesenweg regularly organised group exhibitions. As a trio of Aaron David Holloway, Richard Schemmerer and Lars Deike, the exhibitions kept getting bigger and more successful. The prideART Atelier had fashion shows for Fashion Week, had film evenings with Zazie de Paris, Matt Lambert and Rinaldo Hopf, neighbouring halls of a Berlin Trabi workshop gave us space for art festivals - prideART was part of the "Long Night of Pictures" of the Lichtenberg Culture Senate . Pride Art steadily increased its exhibiting artists. 2022 sees prideART Berlin move to The Knast, and become an officially registered association.

Founder (retired) - Lars Deike

Lars Deike is a painter and photographer from Germany. Lars has been the leading force behind prideART Berlin for several years, and continues to lead the association into the future.

Chairperson & CEO - A. David Holloway

A. David Holloway is a photographic artist from Australia. Holloway has had exhibitions around Europe, the UK, Australia, and the USA. He joined the prideART team in 2020, and is responsible for events, curation, and artist management.

Treasurer - Angelica Gawell

Angelica Gawell (aka Wailenth) is a minimalistic photographer and camera shy model from Sweden that likes challenges and to experiment with outfits and settings. Enjoying the creativity is more important than achieving the end result envisioned.

a pride flag flies in the wind above a building, with a blue sky, a few white fluffy clouds and the edge of the sun peaking over the top of the building in the background.

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